A Letter from Your Disease

I want to make you wake up all hours of the night screaming for me. You know you can’t sleep without me, I’m even in your dreams.

I goodbye letter to addiction you know how important you are to me, and how much your family and I love and appreciate you. You have always been a wonderful provider and partner in life. I am concerned about your recent drug use and want to help you get professional help. I will support you every step of the way and help you to get the treatment you need. The worldview of anyone sitting at their rock bottom paints a bleak and understandably cynical outlook. Usually, the circumstances surrounding this state of mind involve potentially trauma-inducing elements. Keeping that in mind, the specifics of people and places matter less than the mental or emotional details.

It’s Not Too Late to Get Help

Before that happens, I know what to expect from my own habits, and how they can isolate me from those closest to me. Because shame can be one of the most overwhelming and painful emotions, it can become a barrier for seeking treatment. Daily, there are people out there telling you no – bosses, friends, parents, spouses and significant others – and that is just a part of life. Disappointment and hurt are as much a part of living as joy, happiness and love. Hurt is the same for those with addiction as it is for those without. The difference is how we react to and cope with our emotions, whether they are good or bad. I don’t know what drugs do for a person with addiction to help cope with disappointment.

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Recovery is a lifelong journey and commitment that is made each and every day. It takes motivation, determination and courage to enter a program for addiction treatment. If you write your letter as part of an addiction treatment group or in a counseling session, you may be able to share it with others. Doing so can help you relate to others suffering from drug abuse and help you realize you are not alone. Your letter can also serve as a source of inspiration for others.

Noelle Hoelsken – A Letter to My Addiction

People addicted to heroin often try to quit but cannot do so independently. It’s essential to keep an open mind when talking with your loved one about getting treatment for heroin addiction. Heroin addiction can affect every part of life, including health, relationships, and employment. It can also lead to serious legal consequences such as fines or even jail time.

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I know first-hand how painful it is. Addiction nearly killed me when I was 18 years old. This helps to physically put things in perspective, especially being able to visualize the thoughts and behaviors that have been causing so much trouble.

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